Rick Ross Children: Discover His Fascinating Family Life and kids 2024

Rick Ross children: Rick Ross, also known as William Leonard Roberts II, is an internationally renowned American musician and record producer. His music business is the spotlight, his fans are always interested in the family life of his, especially in Rick Ross Children. This article examines the particulars of the children of Rick Ross by highlighting their accomplishments while maintaining a calm and secluded manner.

Number of Rick Ross Children

There is some discrepancy surrounding the exact number of Rick Ross’s children. While some sources claim he has five children, his ex-girlfriend, Tia Kemp, stated in a social media post that he has at least ten, with two born recently.

Rick Ross Known Children

  • Toie Roberts She was born in March 2002. Toie was Rick Ross’s youngest daughter, born from his marriage to Lastonia Leviston. The pair maintain a close rapport with her father. She appears in his various social media pages. In 2022, she had her first child, which made Rick Ross a grandfather.
  • William Roberts III: born in September of 2005, William is Rick Ross’s son, who is also his Ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp. He is currently a football player in Bethune-Cookman University, showcasing his athletic skills.
  • Berkeley Hermes Roberts born in September of 2017, Berkeley is Rick Ross’s first child born to his former fiancee Briana Camille. The actress often posts on her shared Instagram account alongside her family members, sharing photos of their lives as a family.
  • Billion Leonard Roberts: Born in November of 2018, Billion is Rick Ross’s second child along with Briana Camille.
  • Bliss Roberts: born in August of 2020. Bliss is the Rick Ross’s eldest child along with Briana Camille.

Respecting Privacy

While information is available about some of Rick Ross’s children, it’s important to remember that their privacy should be respected. This article avoids disclosing any personal information beyond what is publicly available and avoids unnecessary speculation.


Rick Ross’s family life is an important aspect of his story. This article provides a brief overview of his known children while prioritizing their privacy and respecting their individual journeys.



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