Michele Morrone Net Worth: A Pivotal Guide

Michele Morrone is a popular Italian design and Actor. talking about Michele Morrone net worth, he is approximated to have an estimated net worth of $3million.

Morrone initially made her mark as part of 365 movie, nonetheless since then has actually gone on to show up in other Italian and Polish movies such as Netflix series like Medici The Test e The Trial.

Real or Full NameMichele Morrone
Birthdate/YearOctober 3, 1990
Birth Place Reggio Calabria, Italy
Michele Morrone Net WorthApprox. $3 Million
Marital Status & SpouseRouba Saadeh (Divorced now)
Siblings3 Sisters
FamilyNatale (Father), Angela (Mother)
ProfessionActor, Model, Singer, and Fashion Designer
Height6 Feet 3 Inches, 1.89 m
Basic Info

About Michele Morrone

Morrone has actually become a substantial figure in the movie sectors of Italy and Poland, obtaining global recognition for his performance as Massimo Torricelli in 365 Days.

Following this success, he has actually starred in different films such as Heart of They Fall and Stolen Caravaggio.

Morrone is an American artist, vocalist and guitar player best understood for releasing both a cd (The Feeling It) and singles (including its most well-known track: Feeling It ).

Furthermore, Morrone has actually ventured right into various business undertakings; amongst them being beachwear brand name AurumRoma). This all added up in making the Michele Morrone net worth.

Early Life of Michele Morrone

Morrone came into the globe on October 3, 1990, in Reggio Calabria, Italy. He is the youngest of 4 siblings, with three older sisters. His papa, a building and construction employee, died in 2003 when Morrone was simply 12 years old.

His mom, Angela, functioned as a seamstress, and his papa, Natale, was from Bitonto, however they relocated to Melegnano when their children were young trying to find far better work potential customers. Morrone determined to become an actor after viewing a Harry Potter movie at age 11.

He started acting in an after college program at his middle school. Morrone duplicated his initial year of high school after being kept back for bad behavior. He after that researched expert acting in a cinema in the city of Pavia, at the Teatro Fraschini di Pavia.

Milestones and Achievements of Michele Morrone

Major milestones for Michele Morrone as as below:

  • 2011: Started acting in “Second Chance” web series.
  • 2012: Featured in a music video by Makay.
  • Played lead roles in short films.
  • Appeared in TV series like “Che Dio ci Aiuti.”
  • Acted in various Italian TV series.
  • 2016: Participated in “Dancing with the Stars” Italy.
  • 2019: Lead role in “Bar Giuseppe.”
  • 2020: Gained international fame in “365 Days.”
  • Signed three-year contract with production company.
  • Filmed two more films for trilogy completion.
  • Won “Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards” in 2020.
  • Nominated for “Golden Raspberry Awards” in 2021.

Michele Morrone Popular Movies, TV Shows, Albums or Songs


  • Studio albums:
    • “Dark Room” (2020),
    • “Double D” (2023).
  • Singles:
    • “Feel It” (2020),
    • “Beautiful” (2021),
    • “Another Day” (2022),
    • “Push Me” (2023).
  • Promotional singles:
    • “Next” (2020),
    • “Dad” (2020),
    • “Do It Like That” (2020),
    • “Drink Me” (2020),
    • “No One Cares” (2020),
    • “Dark Room” (2020),
    • “Hard for Me” (2020),
    • “Rain in the Hearth” (2020),
    • “Watch me burn” (2020).
  • Filmography:
    • “Who’s the Beast” (2017),
    • “L’ultimo giorno del toro” (2018),
    • “Bar Giuseppe” (2019),
    • “365 Days” (2020),
    • “365 Days: This Day” (2022),
    • “The Next 365 Days” (2022),
    • “Subservience” (TBA).
  • Television:
    • “Provaci ancora prof!” (2015),
    • “Sirene” (2017),
    • “Renata Fonte” (2018),
    • “Medici” (2019),
    • “The Trial” (2019).
  • Music videos:
    • “Mud Mud Ke” (2022).

Family Life Details of Michele Morrone

Micehele Morrone’s parents live in Italy. His parents, Angela, a seamstress, and Natale, originated from Bitonto but relocated to Melegnano for improved job prospects when their children were young.

In 2014, Micehele Morrone married to a Lebanese stylist named Rouba Saadeh held as a civil marriage in Lebanon and Italy.

Later they had 2 sons in 2014 and 2017, respectively. The couple got separated in 2018 but not legaly. so to answer who is Michele Morrone wife? it is Rouba Saadeh. and Michele Morrone is Married.

Key Facts of Michele Morrone

  • Michele acts and sings in 365 DNI.
  • Divorced from Rouba Saadeh.
  • Father of two sons.
  • 365 DNI is his third movie.
  • Has more than 30 Tattoos
  • Bilingual: Italian and English.
  • Artist, highlights art on Instagram.
  • Battled depression post-divorce.
  • Worked as gardener post-divorce.
  • Also a Painter and owns an Art Studio

What is Michele Morrone Net Worth

Morrone is expected to accumulate a net worth of $3 million by 2024, making him among Italy’s highest-paid and most significant artists. His key incomes consist of brand name endorsements and his preferred YouTube channel with over 1 million customers.

Michele Morrone net worth has actually seen a substantial boost for many years, specifically following the enormous success of his movie “365 Days.” Along with his music job, Morrone additionally runs a clothing line and works together with various brand names, all of which add substantially to Michele Morrone net worth.

Especially, Morrone regulates a charge of $60,000 for public appearances, and his month-to-month revenues amount to $900, resulting in an annual income of approximately $300,000 from a diverse range of jobs and making Michele Morrone net worth.

The success of “365 Days” has opened countless recommendation possibilities for Morrone, including brand collaborations and songs cooperation.

Michele Morrone’s Social Media presence


Michele Morrone was born October 3rd 1990, the youngest amongst four brothers or sisters living in Reggio Calabria Italy. Unfortunately his building worker father passed away when Michele was 12 years old; and Michele first realized a passion for acting at 11 when viewing Harry Potter films.

Morrone first took an interest in acting while attending school and later received professional training at Pavia. Morrone began acting professionally with “2nd Possibility,” before going on to appear in TV shows like Provaci Ancora and Medici.

Michele Morrone rose to international renown for his portrayal in the 2020 movie 365 Days and signed a multi-film contract, in addition to being an accomplished guitarist and vocalist; having released their CD Dark Area that same year. Additionally, AurumRoma provided Michele an entryway into fashion as well.

Despite these accomplishments Michele still experienced personal obstacles such as divorce.

Q: What did Michele Morrone do for a living?

Michele Morrone is a multi-talented person and successful in fields of Acting, Singign, Modelling & painting. these are the ways he earn his living.

Q: Will there be a 365 Days 4?

Based on the popularity of the whole “365” regime, there are high chances for “365 Days 4”. as of now there is no official announcements made on this from Netflix.

Q: Who is Hollywood actor Michele Morrone?

Michele Morrone is a popular Italian design and Actor and has worked in many movies, TV shows, Albums etc.

Q: Does Michele Morrone have a gf (girlfriend)?

It is in news that Moara Sorio is his present girlfriend. He has been seeing with her now a days in italy.

Q: Who is the male lead in 365 Days?

Michele Morrone, Italian Actor, Model & Singer is the main cast as male lead in 365 Days.



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