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People easily gets confused with Kenn as Forest and vice versa, so lets figure out who is who….

Real or Full NameKenneth Dwayne Whitaker
Birthdate/YearJune 8, 1963
Birth PlaceLongview, Texas, United States
Net Worth$4 Million Dollars
Marital Status & SpouseUnmarried
SiblingsSister – Deborah Whitaker, Brother – Forest Whitaker & Damon Whitaker
FamilyForest Steven Jr (Father), Laura Francis Smith (Mother)
Height5 feet 9 inches
Basic Info

About Kenn Whitaker

Kenn Whitaker, whose actual name is Kenneth Whitaker, is a star that is popular for his organization with his sibling, Forest Whitaker. Forest is a popular American star, supervisor, and manufacturer that has actually acquired widespread recognition for his efficiencies in films such as Bulworth (1998 ), Life (1999 ), and The Majority Of Wanted (1997 ).

Kenn and forest Whitaker look very identical to each other and easily mistaken in identification.

Kenn Whitaker and Forest Whitaker brothers both worked in movies and are an excellent performers. forest and Kenn Whitaker shares a good chemistry between them.

Early Life of Kenn Whitaker

In spite of frequently being taken doubles, Woodland and Kenn are not the same age. Kenn was born upon June 8, 1963, a month prior to his older sibling Woodland transformed 2, in Longview, Texas. The family transferred to The golden state when Forest and Kenn were extremely young.

“My parents moved from Texas to South Central when I was 4, right before the 1965 Watts Troubles,” Woodland told The Guardian concerning their childhood years. “My moms and dads started doing much better, moving up, and we transferred to this little residence in Carson, on the Compton border, when I was 11. Which’s when a lot of the gang problems started up.”

Woodland handled to avoid gang-related problems by making the day-to-day trek to a secondary school that lay concerning an hour away. It was throughout his time at this institution that he found his passion for the arts, as he revealed to The Guardian. At first focusing on songs, he ultimately transitioned right into acting, with his sibling Kenn also going after an identical trajectory.

Kenn Whitaker Popular Movies, TV Shows

When we talk about Kenn Whitaker movies and tv shows, he is a versatile actor who has performed in various movies, few are below:

  • “Most Wanted”, 1997 as Bus Guard 2
  • “Tracey Takes On”, 1998 as Second Smoking Man
  • “Bulworth”, 1998 as Henchman
  • “Party Of Five”, 1999 as Detention Center Guard
  • “Life”, 1999 as Issac
  • “The Theory of the Leisure Class”, 2001 as Otis
  • “Last Day”, 2001 as Ben Forchet (Last movies of Kenn Whitaker)


Family Life Details of Kenn Whitaker

Kenn Whitaker born on June 8, 1963, has 3 siblings Damon Whitaker, Kenn Whitaker and Forest Whitaker brothers along with sister Deborah Whitaker.

This 61 years old Whitaker was named as Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker by his parents (Laura Francis Smith and Forest Steven Jr.) on his birth. later, he gained popularity by the nickname of Kenn Whitaker.

Kenn’s Father was an Insurance Salesman while his mother was special education teacher.

His Married life status is said to be unmarried due to concealments on his personal life, so not much information to provide on his wife and children.

Key Facts of Kenn Whitaker

  • 61 Years old.
  • Has no Social Media accounts and out of spotlight.
  • Started acting in 1997.
  • Left acting career in 2001.
  • Last movie was “Last Days” in 2001.
  • Loves travelling in his free time.
  • Has estimated net worth of approx. $4 Million.
  • looks identical to his brother, Forest Whitaker.
  • Both bothers have 2 years gap in birthdate.


Kenneth Whitaker seems a modest person that shies away from the spotlight and beauty of contemporary society. He seems to enjoy in leading a serene life, free from the analysis of social networks and the general public eye. While it’s understandable that he might want personal privacy, it’s also wished that he will certainly reassess returning to acting, allowing a new generation to appreciate his talented performances.

Q: Are both Whitaker brothers actors?

All the siblings of Kenn Whitaker are in entertainment industry and also both Whitaker brothers acted in many films.

Q: What does Kenn Whitaker do for a living?

Kenn Whitaker is a famous Actor by profession. He has performed in many films.

Q: Why is Forest Whitaker so famous?

Whitaker was awarded an Academy Award for his performance as the imposing and ruthless Ugandan leader Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland (2006). Additionally, he received an Emmy Award nomination for his recurring role in 2006 as a character suffering from a stroke on a medical drama television series.

Q: What movies has Ken Whitaker been in?

Kenn Whitaker movies list includes Last Days, Most Wanted, Bulworth etc.



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